Who We Are

2013-08-21 20.45.46Who is on the MidWest Team?

All members of the MidWest Vascular team are Vascular Access Specialists with a total cumulative experience of over 100 years in the industry. Seventy percent of our clinicians are Certified Registered Nurse Infusionists (CRNI®) and Vascular Access Board Certified (VA-BC) ensuring that our specialists are the most knowledgeable vascular nurses in the industry. Most of our clinicians work as Clinical Specialists for leaders in the infusion industry, i.e. Bard, Boston Scientific, Angiodynamics, Navilyst, Genentech, and Johnson & Johnson. Our specialists have served as Presidents of the Arrowhead Chapter of the Infusion Nurses Society, the organization that sets the standards for infusion therapy, and currently serve on the local Kansas/Missouri chapter of the Association for Vascular Access (MO KAN-VAN).

Why partner with MWVA?

  • 24/7 vascular access needs performed at the patient bedside.
  • We are available to troubleshoot device & patient complications, such as phlebitis, occlusion, fracture, and malposition.
  • MWVA specializes in the placement of difficult peripheral IVs, midlines, and PICCs.
  • MWVA uses the highest quality, lowest maintenance catheters available.
  • As an evidence-based practice, our work is guided by the Standards of Practice set forth by the Infusion Nurses Society and by the State Boards of Nursing. We maintain compliance with all regulatory groups’ guidelines and recommendations, such as Joint Commission, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, Association for Vascular Access, National Kidney Foundation, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • MWVA will initiate, troubleshoot, repair, discontinue, and declot vascular access devices.
  • We are available for consultation and staff education needs.
  • MWVA will work as contracted staff for your office or facility, providing all the services an Advanced IV Team would support.
  • We are staffed by Clinical Specialists employed by leaders in the industry, staying in the forefront of vascular access nursing.
  • No retaining fees for contracting our services. It costs nothing to have us available.
  • Free phone support and recommendations 24/7.

Letters of Recommendation

How will you and your patients benefit? nurse with patient

  • Patients are kept within your facility and experience reduced trauma and anxiety from being frequently moved.
  • Revenue stays with the residing facility and patients are not absorbed in larger hospitals.
  • Access to specialized vascular nurses not found in smaller facilities and rural communities.
  • Fewer nursing hours spent attempting to gain vascular access and fewer needle sticks for patients.
  • Fewer patient and device complications associated with difficult access, such as arterial punctures, nerve injuries, infiltrations, and extravasations
  • Patients are discharged faster due to earlier IV Access.
  • Fewer emergency room visits.
  • Decreased costs associated with infusion therapy, as medicines are not expiring while waiting for access, or thrown in the trash when access is lost mid-infusion.
  • Ultimately, the availability of an Advanced Vascular Access Team is reflected in higher patient satisfaction surveys.
  • Quality Measures are collected ongoing for Joint Commision Surveys and facility records.
  • Admission IV Access Algorithm for proper device placement at start of inpatient stay.